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Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

Antes do adeus: Concert Faizal Mostrixx

Antes do adeus: Concert Faizal Mostrixx

21 JUN, 22:00

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

Calçada Santa Isabel
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Faizal Mostrixx is a storyteller, choreographer, dancer, music producer and DJ.

He grew up in Uganda, watching his mother perform as a dancer in the context of his traditional culture. Music was always present, not only local and traditional music but also music from around the world; he would listen to the cassettes his father (a truck driver) would bring him from countries like Kenya.

And so his "musical hybrids" were born, fusing local tribal sounds with electronic soundscapes and the hypnotic rhythms of urban music from booming cities like Kampala.

His latest album, Mutations (Glitterbeat Records, 2023), showcases his unique style in all its glory, heavily influenced by his Ugandan heritage, the polyrhythms of southern and eastern Africa, contemporary dance music styles such as footwork, Afro-house and Amapian, and, just as significantly, his pan-African archive of field recordings.

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