5 €Bienal ProgrammeConcertInstallation
Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

Closing Programme: Volúpia

Closing Programme: Volúpia

29 JUN, 23:00–07:00

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

Calçada Santa Isabel
All Audiences5 €

LÁPIS-LAZÚLI 23:00–2:00

Volúpia presents lápis-lazúli, the result of the b2b of two of its creators, Frederico Martinho and Tiago Soares, where they conflate into a block of sound the many things that unite them in the long hours on the dancefloor they have shared over the last decade. A deep blue metamorphic stone that promises to live up to the collectors' intentions.

BRUSCA 2:00–4:00

Brusca is part of the new generation of national artists who keep the techno flame burning brightly. With ears trained on the genre, Brusca also has a bucolic universe evident in her productions and her sets. With music released on labels such as Hayes Collective (where she is part of the artist group), Warok and Elberec, it is easy to deduce that she is an artist with a high degree of seriousness and consistency, which is why she has shared booths with more veteran artists.

AMULADOR 4:00–7:00

Amulador is a being in motion. Cautiously, he activates the mechanism and steps into the unknown. Far from the hypes and the floodlit figure of the DJ, he puts the spotlight on the speakers, delivering risky and non-conformist music capturing the most abstract and pulsating edges of today's technological music.

Multi-speed journeys combine different perspectives, sometimes melodic and subtle, sometimes rhythmic and powerful. Deviant strolls through strange landscapes are punctuated by mirages of expectation, opening doors to cinematic fantasy. Amulador twists his name in the shadows and attacks silently, unfolding an unprecedented musical continuum.

OPAACO 23:00–7:00

opaaco is a researcher of errors. opaaco's evolutionary process goes through constant phases of obsessive organisation of his ideas but in symbiosis with poorly executed good ideas. He can be easily recognised by his environment, which is full of DIY equipment, microscopes, magnifying glasses, overhead projectors, and obsolete cameras, from which hybrid collages materialise into something visible. Whether in installation, exhibition or performance format, opaaco's work is inextricably linked to a glitch aesthetic, generative nostalgic distortions that take us back to a past as distant as it is futuristic.